Navigation through the WARP app

October 22, 2021



Logging into the gym and getting rewarded in crypto? Get an APR of 20% for just owning Bitcoin, WRP or other coins? Our WARP app offers this and more!

Crypto can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be. The WARP app is designed to be simple and easy to use, so you won't have a hard time using its features.

What is the WARP App?

The WARP app is an important part of the WARP ecosystem, which offers a wallet, a staking function, as well as the possibility to receive crypto rewards in the in-house gym.


With Binance Smart Chain as the first supported blockchain, you can safely store, receive, and send all supported assets.


Put your crypto into work and see your portfolio grow while earning top rates from many available cryptocurrencies.

Earn in Your Daily Life

Earn crypto in various ways in everyday life in our in-house gym 428 Athletics and soon also with our partners.

Navigation through the WARP app

When you open the app for the very first time, you have to set it up first.

We have already written a separate article on this, which is recommended to read.

After the setup the main screen opens, which welcomes you with your previously defined name.

From there you can also access our direct support chat for any questions and log out again.

  1. Your name, can be changed by clicking on the pencil
  2. Direct support chat
  3. Log out

By clicking on the house icon, you will get to the home screen.

The home screen offers you your total balance, a QR scanner, a small assets overview, and a news feed with the latest news provided by cointelegraph.

  1. Total Balance
  2. QR Scanner
  3. Assets overview
  4. News feed

By clicking on the third icon in the bottom bar you will be on the page of your wallet.

Through the wallet you can access your balances, staking, rewards and your transaction history.

On this page you get an overview of your assets, switch between your wallets, send or receive assets and access the QR code of your wallet.


  1. Balances tab
  2. Send / Receive assets
  3. Your QR code to send or request payment
  4. Asset name
  5. Asset price
  6. How much your assets are worth
  7. How many assets you own

Through the staking tab you can choose between the different staking pools and stake your cryptocurrencies.

We regularly add new pools, which gives you more choices of cryptos to stake.

By staking you lock the selected amount for 120 days, in these 120 days you will receive an APR of 20% in WRP or BTC, depending on the selected pool.

  1. Staking tab
  2. Pool, which means in this case: Stake WARP and receive Bitcoin
  3. Stake Duration
  4. APR rate
  5. How much you've staked so far
  6. Total amount of your staked asset in $
  7. Shows how long your stakings are still locked
  8. Your earnings
  9. Stake more

The transaction history gives you an overview of your past transactions to track them.

  1. Transactions tab
  2. Date of the done transaction
  3. Sending address
  4. Receiver address
  5. Amount of what has been transferred

We have already partnered with some great companies, which we list on our "WARP partners" page.

  1. Find a partner search tab
  2. The closest partners near you


Closing thoughts

The WARP app offers great features that are beneficial for the crypto beginner as well as the advanced.

From keeping track of your cryptos, to staking them and earning in everyday life, WARP has something for you.

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