How to send Crypto from an Exchange to WARP

January 27, 2022



In this guide we will show you how to withdraw your cryptocurrencies from to the WARP app.

For this guide we will use the ADA token as an example.

Step by Step

To transfer ADA from your account firstly you will need your address from the WARP app which can be found at the top right of your WARP app wallet page (Be sure to write it exactly as it is written or use the copy feature).

WARP wallet

Next go to your the wallet tab on Binance and select withdraw and select the asset you would like to withdraw (we will choose ADA).

Binance App

Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

Enter the amount (Binance App)

WARP is powered by the Binance smart chain so when sending funds to WARP always choose BSC. (Also may show as BEP20 which is the token standard for Binance smart chain)

For WARP always choose BSC or BEP20

Enter your WARP address, confirm you are happy and continue to proceed to withdraw. The assets will then begin their journey from the Binance Exchange to your WARP wallet.

Enter your WARP address to withdraw

This can take up to an hour depending on blockchain congestion but is usually just a few minutes.

Tip: It is good practice to send a small amount first to ensure everything goes as planned.

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