Earn Rewards

Bring your crypto to work while earning in your daily life.

Reward System

How it works

Earn cryptocurrencies at your favorite business and receive interest by staking it.

First step

Reward Program

Companies, investors, charities, and other organizations can participate in the WARP program and become a part of the network.

Participation involves providing an STBL pool, which is ultimately a collection of STBL coins. For providing, they will be rewarded with an APR of 20%, which will be paid in WARP.

Second Step


Users, companies and anyone else who is part of WARP can stake their STBL for a flexible or fixed period and earn interest on it.

Second step


Users, companies and anyone else who is part of the WARP ecosystem can stake their tokens for a flexible or fixed period, and earn interest on it.

Third step


Partner companies can offer customers to receive a rebate on purchases. They receive the discount in the form of our stablecoin STBL.

What to expect as a part of the WARP ecosystem


Get your own STBL pool and decide how much the rebate for members should be.


Increase your fundraising and get donations from members.


Receive a rebate at a partner business, and decide to swap, stake or donate it.


Frequently Asked Question

We're here to help.

What is the WARP token?

WARP is the reward token of the WARP ecosystem, members can earn WARP by staking other assets.

Will more tokens be available for staking?

Yes, we will always be adding new tokens and supporting more blockchains as we progress. 

 Do I have to lock my token up for a set amount of time when staking?

You will be given the choice of flexible staking, which can be unlocked at any time or you can lock your tokens up for a set period to gain a higher APY.

I am a business owner, can I participate in the WARP program? 

If you would like to integrate your business into the WARP program please contact to discuss further.

Is WARP just for businesses?

No, anybody can use the WARP application.

Is there a referral program for the WARP app? 

Currently there is no referral program, but we are always looking at new features. 

Can I use the WARP app as a wallet? 

Yes. You can store supported tokens safely on the WARP app. You have the choice of keeping your seedphrase safe yourself or we can store it in a completely safe way so that you do not have to worry about losing your phrase. 

Can I swap tokens in the WARP app? 

Absolutely. You can swap your tokens in a decentralized way. 

What is the pool of STBL funds?

It is a collection of STBL tokens. Business partners, organizations, and charities get their own STBL pool from which they can pay out rebates to members or receive STBL out of purchases.

How to set up a STBL pool?

For providing your own STBL pool, you need to contact us.

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